By: David Shih


“I really love all of my students, and I really cannot remember how long that I’ve (been a) teacher to be honest with you,” comments Chinese teacher Shaohua She.

Ms. She has been teaching at Piedmont Hills for number of years and is the sole Foreign Language teacher for Chinese at the school.

“I just like to plant anything that is pretty for me such as water lilies and stuff,” states Ms. She.

Her hobby is gardening, and she focuses on traditional Chinese plants and flowers. Planting and gardening not only helps her relax, and also makes her backyard look beautiful.

“My favorite holiday is obviously Chinese New Year, as it is the time of the year where everyone in the family can gather and enjoy time together,” states Ms. She.

During Chinese New Year, Ms. She enjoys keeping busy with all the preparations, since it makes her feel alive.

Ms. She also teaches three classes at Independence High School.

“This is why you cannot find me during lunch at Piedmont, because I am at Independence (High School) already,” says Ms. She.

Ms. She also loves to travel when she has money saved up. There are still a lot of countries that she wants to visit, including Japan and Korea.

“I’ve traveled to a lot of countries, obviously China, and I’ve been to Malaysia and Singapore which was very fun for me personally there to see their cultures,” states Ms. She.

Ms. She doesn’t really see retirement in the near future.

“I really do enjoy teaching at this school and especially Chinese, I’m just really glad that I can open the students up to rediscover their own cultures and introduce other people to this culture that has lasted 5000 years. I guess I’ll retire when I feel like it,” states Ms. She.

An advice that Ms. She wants to tell her students is that they should not be lazy and try their best in school.

“Honestly, there aren’t any dumb students in my opinion. You guys are all smart and can go to those prestigious colleges if you guys try hard enough,” states Ms. She.



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