Senior Favorite Memory


Fantastics/Winning Fantastics

The entire experience

Meeting new friends

Flipping a desk in class

When the clock strikes 3:04pm

The entire All Shook Up Production

Crying in Literature because of a poem

Disneyland trips with the performing arts department

Meeting my best friends in AVID


The district art show

AP Lang


Meeting new people

Male cheer

Joining filipino club

The swim team/joining swim team

Dad jokes with friends

Basketball games

International faire

Labs in AP Chem/Bio

Being part of AVID

Cheerleading at games

Mr.Romero’s notecards

Getting into college

Never having to swim in PE

Football/football games

Being low quality with the squad

When Mr.Loggins ate a koala

Playing high school soccer

Any school dance

Being in choir

Senior sunrise

Senior ditch day

Holiday showcases all 4 years

Senior honor night

Senior homecoming

Entirety of junior year


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