By Vincent Hoang


Like the various Spidersonas teaming up for one ultimate battle against Kingpin, ARK (Acts of Random Kindness), CSF (California Scholarship Federation) and LEO (Leadership Experience Opportunity) banded together to present the movie “Spiderman into The Spiderverse” in the library on April 12.

The movie surrounds a young teenager, Miles Morales, who after being bitten by a radioactive spider, like his predecessor, Peter Parker, is swept into the role of Spiderman and must defeat the villain, Kingpin, along with the help of others like him.

Presenting the film for a one dollar admission fee along with food made watching the movie more enjoyable.

“The movie was pretty good! I wasn’t able to watch all of it because I had other stuff to do, but I can tell the members enjoyed it! This was the first time I watched the movie,” says CSF Co-President Alexa Follante.

Setting up the event was a fun experience for all three clubs.

“The event and movie was fun, seeing my friends from ARK and CSF to set up an event where we can watch a movie we can all enjoy together made it a worthwhile experience,” says LEO Senior Advisor Kevin Su.

Not only was this event to bring people together, but also to help raise funds for all three clubs.

“It was fun seeing many members from each club bond, the it was also to help our clubs have a successful fundraiser, so seeing many people come to see the movie really helped support us,” says CSF Co-President Jane Tran.

“Watching the movie for the second time was truly amazing. The art style, the animation, the plot, along with Spiderman being my favorite superhero from Marvel, made it such a great experience rewatching the movie again, especially for a much cheaper price compared to paying for a ticket at the theaters,” says senior Stanley Wu.

With such an amazing call back, this event turned out to be a success.



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