By Christine Do


On May 18, Key Club held their annual LTG (Lieutenant Governor) Banquet at Independence High School at 7 p.m. Every year, the LTG Banquet serves as a way to end the Key Club term on a good note.

“The purpose of LTG Banquet is to honor our previous LTG, Sabrina Huynh, and what she and the DLT (Division Leadership Team) have accomplished throughout the term, and also to welcome the new LTG, Tony Hong,” said Jerry Xu.

As an LTG, it is their duty to connect clubs with the district as well as carry out certain tasks within the clubs they are in charge of. The DLT consists of the Spirit Coordinators, MNT Coordinators and others who help the LTG in several tasks and overlooking the clubs.

“An LTG is in charge of overseeing Key Clubs in a certain area. For D12E (Division 12 East), there are ten schools and the LTG is in charge of overseeing all of them. We are also a part of district board, where we meet up and learn what the district wants to implement to members, and we’re in charge of making it happen,” said previous Lieutenant Governor Sabrina Huynh.

Every year, the LTG is chosen through a complicated process, involving multiple questionnaires and speeches. This year, delegates from each high school chosen to represent their club met up at Cupertino High School for Conclave, where candidates for the LTG position gave speeches and participated in caucuses to prove why they were fit for the position. In the end, the LTG elect was junior Tony Hong.

To welcome Tony Hong to the new term, Key Club hosted the LTG Banquet, where there were also performances and dinner served, as well as new DLT officers for the next term announced.

Despite all the responsibilities of LTG, Tony is ready for all the challenges.

“It feels great to be elected but I was really overwhelmed because after the new term started, I had a bunch of deadlines that were due. It was a little rough in the beginning but it’s going smoother now,” said newly elected LTG Tony Hong.

The LTG Banquet signified the end of a term, and the beginning of a new one for Key Club.


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