By Victor Xie

On Dec. 4, CSF (California Scholarship Federation) organized their annual Christmas Carnival at San Antonio Elementary. Members and officers came together to bring the Christmas season to the most underprivileged elementary school in San Jose.

“We bring the holiday joy and make sure that every child there feels the Christmas spirit through a carnival. They rotate through rooms, enjoying crafts, games, snacks and Santa!” explains CSF President Jerry Xu.

This is CSF’s 22nd year hosting their Christmas Carnival at San Antonio Elementary. Annually, it is their main event that they work all year to fund, as costs are directly from CSF’s funds.

“Christmas Carnival is something CSF started from the group up! We are 100% in the process and we all get to make a difference,” says CSF Treasurer Grace Shan.

Although this year’s Christmas Carnival was no different from past years, members enjoyed the event just as much.

“Seeing all the happy kids was really cool and exciting. I was extremely touched when the little kids came to hug us and say thanks without the teachers telling them to,” says junior Jasmine Nguyen.

Before the Christmas Carnival, CSF was hard at work obtaining funds through their main fundraiser, PPP (Pirate Pancake Parade).

“All the funds we make from PPP are used to buy the supplies needed to make a successful Christmas Carnival,” states Jerry.

To many CSF members, including advisors, this event shows the importance of helping others.

“I hope everyone knows that this event is one of the best Christmas gifts that you can get yourself,” says Jerry. “It always feels better to give to those in need than get the same presents for yourself. I think that Christmas Carnival really changed my perspective on how fortunate I am and the privileges I was born with but don’t pay attention to. I strongly recommend this event to anyone who wants to attend, because it has been one of my favorites.”

CSF hopes to continue helping their community with the various service events and fundraisers they have planned for the rest of the school year.


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