By Harleen Kaur

VSA (Vietnamese Student Association) hosts their annual showcase in the L-Building on Feb. 7 at 7 p.m.

This year’s theme was Until the Last Petal Falls. The board usually decides the theme. When coming up with the rose theme for this year’s show, the VSA cabinet had intended to have the rose signify the fading culture. The petals would represent the memories and traditions of the culture as this generation holds on to each custom.

In the show, they performed a variety of traditional dances such as dances with umbrellas, fans and ribbons. They also featured an officer waltz at the end and a surprise prom-posal. The club hopes that they can showcase the importance of remembering their Vietnamese culture through the elegance of fluttering fans as well as ribbons. Usually, the Cultural Chairs choreograph the dances and the presidents choreograph the waltz, however, this year the members were able to choreograph umbrella, fan and hat couples dance.

“It feels amazing to be a member of VSA. I get the chance to dance with a bunch of talented girls and boys that share a common interest, supporting our culture,” says member Kristine Nguyen. “Being a choreographer takes a lot of dedication and time. It’s fun teaching a routine that we were able to come up with.”

VSA practices their choreography throughout the week. Each dance group, depending on the difficulty and need to clean, practices almost every day as well as weekends.

On the night of the show, the club sold snacks and club merchandise with the successful attendance of their supporting family and friends. They had a backdrop with lights and roses hanging from the bleachers for decoration.

Last year, due to scheduling complications, VSA was unable to host their showcase.

“We didn’t want to schedule the show during AP exam season and the L-Building was booked for the days we were considering, so we couldn’t have our showcase,” states VSA Treasurer Maggie Nguyen.

Overall, the show turned out to be an entertaining night for both the audience and performers.

“I’m so glad that the VSA show was a success. I was able to meet so many new people who were passionate about the same thing as I was,” says Cultural Chair Christine Do. “All the time put into the show paid off in the end when seeing the excitement and bond between the performers.”



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