By Billy Ung

Piedmont Hills High’s Music Department hosted its first annual concert on Wed., Oct. 7.  The concert is divided into two parts.  The first section, “Fall in Love with Music”, happened on Wednesday, October 7.  The second section, “Fall Festival”, happened on Fri., Oct. 16.

Like always, the concert provides fund to the music department.

“We spend the money we get out of the concert to help improve the school music program.  We got a couple of drums  falling apart and couples of saxs are broken.  We have to fix those.  Also we spend the fund to hire more music coach,” remarks music director Emily Ray.

The concert also serves as an opportunity for the newcomers to advance up and the advanced to advance even more.

“This year I get 41 newcomers out of 45 students overall,” remarks music director Emily Ray.  “The theme of the concert is ‘Fall In Love With Music’, so I want to start the newcomers with easy music.  The rhythm is not as hard because when you are a newcomer and the music director makes you play hard rhythm, you will want to quit music.  That is not my goal.  My goal is to make them fall in love with the music.”

“Carillon” by Bizet, “Slavonic Dances” by Dvorak and “Marche Militaire Francaise” by Saent Saens are some of the music pieces that were heard at the concert.

“Playing at a different school is overwhelming but I feel like I did good because I practiced everyday at home for about 2-3 hours,” explains with relief freshman Isabella Hoang.

But the annual concert is no stranger to veteran violinist May Lam.

“Freshman year was scary, but now that I am a senior, I feel more confident,” proclaims May.

In general, the audience agrees that this concert is not as good as last year concert.

“Overall the concert was good, but last was better because people applaud more and it was more fun,” describes a parent spectator Lien Nguyen.

For many, the department is a place to grow and make friends.

“My stand partner, Valerie Nguyen, helps me a lot with playing the correct notes and rhythm.  I kind of grow with her personality,” explains sophomore Jonathan Hoang.

Besides from the concert, the music department also gets its money from asking for donations  through email address.

The music students will not go to Disneyland this year due to high expense.


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