By Yen Linh Duong

ESUHSD and Eastside Teacher’s Association came up with a tentative agreement on Sept. 10 in a mediation session, preventing a Work To Rule that was supposed to happen the Monday following after, according to School Site Council President Shelley Moneymaker.

The teachers met again on Sept. 30 and voted for the newly formed agreement, a three year contract.

“We reached a tentative agreement.  Our negotiating team has negotiated, and we voted actually a couple days ago on the 30th and it approved by over 90%,” said math teacher Ting Zhu.

The Board of Education also agreed to the offer and officially ratified it.

“The board members at ESUHSD voted to approve the agreement, so now we have a contract and all negotiations are done until the spring before this contract is set to expire,” explained English teacher Nancy Kennett.

Work To Rule was the solution the teachers agreed on, hoping for fairer working terms and wages from the district.  Even though Work To Rule affected students as well, many were willing to go through it if it could help their teachers.

“I think Work To Rule is a necessity for teachers mostly because they do put in a lot of work for a student and they should be recognize and it’s only fair that they be given some compensation, additional compensation for what they do,” commented Key Club Project Writer Jason Wu.  “I think the teachers just have to do, it’s not going to be pretty for any of the sides, like the district, the administration, the students, and even the teachers themselves. It’s going to hurt everyone.  Our clubs should stand by the teachers and even if the teachers did go onto Work to Rule, as a club, we will work our way around it.”


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