By Billy Ung

Boys XC 2015 season starts off strong.  At its Oct. 8 meet, the Varsity team won 29-28 against Westmont

PHHS team dashes right into the season with rigorous training Monday to Saturday every week.

“We have double practices on Mondays.  Morning practice before school and then afternoon practices,” explains Varsity runner Andrew Nguyen.

There are two hard days each week that consists of either mile repeats or hill repeats.  These help the runners train at race pace and give them leg strength to go up the hills.  The drills at practice are A skips, B skips, lunges and karaokes.  These help them prevent injuries and also help them strengthen up for the race.  With its heavy schedule of practicing every day, the team is ready to take on any tough challenger.

Coach Ian Tippets prepares the runners by telling them the race strategies before the race, which helps them a lot.

“I feel very excited but nervous,” expresses Nguyen.

The team hopes that Varsity Captain Bryan Chu will get to state championship.  Other runners also want to qualify for state championship

“I personally want to qualify for CCS (Coast Central Section) with the varsity team,” declares Nguyen.

Cross country is different from the other sports in which the participants do not have any helper during the match.  They just run and run until they reach their goal.

Healthy food is a must to all athletes’ diet.

“I would say that GU Energy Labs has some pretty decent stuff,” claims JV runner Thomas Nguyen.


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