If the Syrian refugees avoid drowning and manage to arrive in Europe, they justifiably expect that they will be helped, aided, noticed, maybe even respected in the majestic continent.  Instead, many Europeans wag their fingers and shake their heads.  They’ll spread their religion!  They’ll use up all of our resources!  There’s not enough space!  The Americans, on the other hand, should take a stand and fight against these nonsensical statements.

The horrors experienced by the Syrian refugees seem almost unimaginable in the eyes of the comfortable American population, yet, these horrors are still occurring.  Some might shift away from such a crisis, but as freedom-fighting Americans, we must help.

Perhaps some in Europe don’t truly understand the Syrian refugee crisis, but we in America surely do.  Most of our parents were immigrants, and we’ve definitely heard several times the story of their daring escape to America, the land of the free and home of the brave.  This personal understanding of the immigrant struggle allows for a sympathetic view of the Syrian refugees, for the ability to see them as people instead of lesser beings.

Just look at the historical evidence: the Holocaust, the Nanking Massacre, the Rwandan Genocide.  These are few of the many crises we, as Americans, did not interfere with soon enough, or even at all.  In response to the Holocaust, the U.S. enacted restrictive immigration quotas, showing obvious anti-Semitism, and the American public only found out about the horrors occurring at concentration camps near the end of World War II.  However, even this late knowledge of the Holocaust is preferable to the utter ignorance of most Americans and Europeans towards the Nanking Massacre and the Rwandan Genocide, in which hundreds of thousands of people were killed.

Because of this international ignorance, some people still have the gall to deny these events, despite the existence of Holocaust survivors, despite the decades the Chinese spent rebuilding Nanking, despite the thousands of pregnancies resulting from Rwandan war rape.  The lasting effects of these massacres and genocides push for our immediate action; as the saying goes, don’t let history repeat itself.

During the Holocaust, the U.S. decided to restrict immigration.  Judging by the outcome, immigration quotas do not help.  Instead, the government should allow more refugees to enter the U.S.  This country simply cannot call itself the land of opportunity without giving Syrian refugees a chance.

Donations, the primary source of aid, can be made to organizations like the UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency), which teamed up with Kickstarter and can be found at https://www.kickstarter.com/aidrefugees, or Islamic Relief USA, which can be found at http://irusa.org/donations/.


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