S.03.Volleyball.Michelle Lin

WATCH DEEP SERVE! PHHS Varsity Girls Volleyball eagerly await for the ball to be served over.

Photo courtesy of Vince Pereira

By Michelle Lin

The season for the PHHS Girls Volleyball team kicked off back in late September.  After winning 3-0 against Del Mar High School on Oct. 15, the team is currently first place in the league.

“We won in three out of five,” commented Varsity player Taylor Garvey on the tie-breaking game.

“Watching from the bench, I really got to see a perspective of the audience and our team,” stated Junior Varsity player Erin Kerr, who was unable to play once because she was sick.  “I thought our energy was really good.  The girls picked each other up, and we did really well.”

As one united team, the girls are all very close to each other, which is necessary when they all play together on court.

“A good team would have no cliques, and I’d like to say that our varsity team would have no specified groups.  We all mesh well together, so we’re all friends with each other.  The bond just shows on court,” claimed Varsity captain Kim Cordero.

“We work together really well.  We all get along.  We’re all friends on and off the court,” junior Allie Pereira stated.

The girls all contribute their efforts whenever they’re playing on courts, and that is what leads to a successful victory each time.

“Every girl on the court shows their highest potential and what they can really do to help in the efforts of the winning the game for the team.  Everyone does their job, and when people do that, we win games,” continued Cordero.

The team this year has been comparably much stronger than past years.  As first place in the league, the girls are confident that they will make it to CCS (Central Coast Sectionals) this year.

“I am positive we’ll make it to CCS this year,” asserted Cordero.  “I think this year our team is stronger because we have really good freshmen.”

The team has been practicing in the gym every weekday from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

“We mostly run a bunch of drills in the beginning of practice, and then towards the end, we do game play against each other,” Garvey remarked.

The season will end sometime in November.


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