By Angelina Nguyen

Members of HOSA (Health Occupation to Students of America) attended the RLC (Regional Leadership Conference) last Saturday at Petaluma High School.

“This is going to expose our new members to what HOSA really is and it’s going to help us gain new members and kind of build up the club,” states HOSA Co-president Brian Hoang before RLC.

RLC is a conference hosted by the state organization that allows HOSA members from Region 2 to learn more about HOSA, expand members’ knowledge of the medical field, advance their leadership skills and become more aware of upcoming events such as SLC (State Leadership Conference).

“I want them [the members] to be able to learn more about the health field and broaden their perspectives,” hopes HOSA Co-president Silvia Liu.

Over 120 members were able to participate in workshops that focused on leadership, health, and team building.  This was the first year sophomores and officers were able to experience RLC.

“It was pretty fun bonding with other HOSA groups from other schools,” exclaims HOSA member Cindy Chang.

HOSA’s main focus is to provide students with more information on jobs in the medical field.  It is a CTSO (Career Technical Student Organization) which supports school studies as well as work studies.

“If you need opportunities or information, HOSA gives you those opportunities,” replies Brian.

HOSA provides members with an early connection by helping them to get internships, experience, and standing by them though high school and college and finally when they are hired in the health industry.


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