F.02.Step Out Walk for Diabetes.Kyle.Sumida

Step out and walk with me! PHHS joins the Walk to Stop Diabetes event.

Photo courtesy of Spencer Nguyen

By Kyle Sumida

To start off the new school year, Insane Ink decided to give back to the community and partake in the Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes, to assist Piedmont Hills in the district competition of providing the most support and fundraising for the charity event.

The charity event took place this Sunday at the Guadalupe River.  All funds raised will be allocated to help train school personnel to ensure that children with diabetes are safe at school; provide aid to those that have been recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes; and much more.  Not only was this a chance to beat other schools in the district, but it was also a significant, positive impact for those affected by diabetes.

“I think we’re on a good track so far,” comments Insane Ink CEO Spencer Nguyen.

In the beginning of October, PHHS was in first place of the district competition in terms of fundraising.  Piedmont Hills team member Jessica Sobrepena had donated $1,874 in behalf of our team, immediately going beyond our goal of $1,000.  Several others donated to the cause.  As of Oct. 6, our school had raised $2,519 in total for the charity event.

Although we had the most money raised, we were still behind Independence High School in regards to the number of sign-ups.  Last Friday, our school had 134 sign-ups for the charity event, compared to Independence’s 304 sign-ups.  In hopes of stepping up the game, Insane Ink created an incentive program to entice its own members to participate.

“(The incentive program) was brought up in our meeting and we thought it (was) a good way to get (our members) to actually participate.  If they don’t have an incentive program, people would put it off and say they don’t have to do it,” Insane Ink Director of Philanthropy Jade Chiu explains.

The charity event was free to sign up; however, Insane Ink provided a free t-shirt to the first 100 participants that donated $29 or more.  Those who were unable to physically attend the event but still wanted to support the cause had the ability to become virtual walkers instead.  Virtual walkers were able to customize their fundraising web pages and send out emails asking for fundraising contributions.

Insane Ink is a business class in Piedmont Hills that allows students to have hands-on learning of operating a business.  The company’s mission statement is to strengthen, support, and uplift the community; which is otherwise known as “The 50/50 Concept.”  Insane Ink advisor Diane Pereira added that the school’s position and ranking amongst the other schools were able to be found online on School Loop.


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