F.03.UNICEF Trick or Treat Box.EmilieChau.JPG

BOO! Juniors Syndie Tanujaya and Lydia Hong are excited to help out.

Photo: Emilie Chau

By Emilie Chau

UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) is back with their annual trick-or-treat boxes during the last two weeks of October.

UNICEF began this Halloween-themed activity in 1950, to help children in need during the month of October.

“I think what sets us apart from other volunteer clubs…is that we donate all our profits back to the cause.” says Treasurer Sydnie Tanujaya.

Since 1994, Key Club has teamed up with UNICEF in this community service activity.

Members of each club will be walking around campus with their signature orange boxes like years before, asking for donations.

“It’s an easy way to help out people and families that are struggling,” comments UNICEF Vice President Lydia Hong.  The cause for the trick-or-treat box changes every year, but all center around the same cause to help people in poor countries by providing them with vaccines, clean water, food, healthcare and education.

“At the beginning of November we count [the money] up and send it to…UNICEF,” explains Key Club Project Writer Jason Vu.

After donations from members worldwide are submitted, UNICEF will choose which countries need the most help and give them the donations.  This community service activity is an easy way to make a huge impact on a child’s life.  Any donation, no matter how much, can only do positive things.

“If you just donate one dollar, people get water, protein, biscuits or vaccinations,” says Lydia.

The trick-or-treat boxes can be found anywhere on campus–with a club member in the hall or on the desk of a teacher.  This activity is a fast and easy way to help children around the world.

UNICEF is an international non-profit organization that supports women and children in need.

“We not only spread awareness about what’s going on in third world countries, but also aid these people,” explains Lydia.


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