By Quynh Luu

This Saturday, PHHS Key Club will participate in another year of Fall Rally North at Six Flag’s Discovery Kingdom starting at 10am.  The club will be joining this event alongside other Key Club divisions in California to raise money for the Pediatric Trauma Program.

“[PHHS Key Club is] competing for something called the ‘spirit stick.’  Every division is represented by a different mascot. [PHHS Key Club] is Iron Man and [Independence High School’s Key Club] is Captain America.  We all join together as superheroes going against other divisions in California,” explains Secretary Joshua Ranario. “This year, we have this thing called ‘spirit coordinators.’  They’ve been coming up with new cheers and great ways to bring our school and division on top.”

The Pediatric Program is a project done by Kiwanis whose goal is to raise awareness of preventable injuries inflicted upon children.  The organization focuses on educating the public on how to keep children safe and healthy in order to decrease the number of unintentional injuries worldwide.

“During the spirit rally, we stop for a while and transition to LTG (Lt. General) bidding.  There’s a big stage and all of the LTGs stand up on the stage.  People bid for LTGs, and for our district, we usually have forty to fifty LTGs,” states President Lucy Thai.

During the bidding process, members of different Key Club divisions explain what their LTGs can offer in one day.  An LTG that is successfully “purchased” experiences the event with another division. LTGs are usually auctioned off for $1 thousand to $2 thousand  each.  At last year’s Fall Rally North, PHHS Key Club’s raised $700 dollars in funds from the event.

“There is a ten member increase from last year.  We’ve publicized it really well.  Last year, our historian made a video for the whole thing.  I think a lot of people saw it and thought it was really fun,” claims Vice President of Service May Lam.

“(Fally Rally North) is for a great cause but you also get to meet new people.  Everyone goes all out, and it’s a great sight to see,” Joshua commented.


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