By Yen Linh Duong

PHHS Ignite Christian Club once again is wrapping their shoeboxes, preparing to send them to Operation Christmas Child.  Hosted by Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian organization dedicated in helping people in need, Operation of Christmas Child focuses on bringing happiness to children through these simple shoeboxes.

“Well this is one of the events where we try to reach out to other countries, just people who are less privileged than we are.  What we try to do in this case is that we are trying to show them that there are people out there that care for them regardless of their situation and there’s also a God in heaven who will also cares about how they are,” explains Ignite Christian President Grace Cheung.

The club will be getting these boxes readied afterschool on Friday, filling them with items that can help a child, and during National Collection Week, Nov. 16-Nov. 23, these boxes will be send off with love.

“One of the thing we would give are pencils, we would give socks, toys, maybe like raft candy, and just things that they need over the school year and also like things for them to play with.  It’s just like us wrapping a gigantic Christmas gift in a shoebox form for them to open and celebrate Christmas with and you know, just like spread the love!” says Grace.

Ignite Christian club unites people who share a common belief in God.

“The purpose of the club is to gather together to share spiritual relationship with God and [kind of] just wanting to get together and grow spiritually and [kind of] just having the ability to grow in different aspect, whether relationship at home, even God, and even just with different people in general,” says Ignite Christian Treasurer Bethany J. Domingo.


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