By Quynh Luu

Varsity Football

The Varsity Football team started this season with three wins against Saratoga High School, Independence High School and Gilroy High School with scores of 61-19, 34-14 and 51-26.

“This season is starting off good,” commented wide receiver Richard Fedelin.  “We’re three to zero right now.  Offense line’s doing good.  We need a little more better blocking. Our defense is missing too many tackles,.”

The teams practices nearly every day and has worked long and hard together to achieve their victories.

“We have a great team.  We have a good quarterback, good receivers, good lineman, and good running backs.  We’ve just been playing well.  We’ll just keep seeing how we do,” Fedelin further explained.

One of the main objectives for the team this year is make it to Division I of the CCS (Central Coast Section) Championships among other teams in the East Side Union High School District.

“The schools in the district will be at the CCS Championships.  It’s basically to see which team is actually the best,” states quarterback Marcus Romero.

The team won the Homecoming Game against Willow Glen High School with a score of  49–33.  The next game will happen today against Leland High School.


JV Football

The JV Football team began this season successfully, defeating Saratoga High School, Independence High School and Gilroy High School with scores of 61-19, 34-14 and 51-26.

“So far so good.  We’ve won all of our games so far,” stated center Joseph Flores. “ The team’s perfect.”

The strong bond between the players is one of the driving forces behind the successful games as the season continues throughout October. The players have practiced long and hard together.

“I feel like we have a very strong team this year.  We come prepared to go against a different team every week,” quarterback Jacob Vargas commented.

The JV Football team is expected to have five more games for the fall season, including one today on Oct. 23 against Leland High School.  Expectations for the outcomes of future games appear to be positive.

“Our goal is to win.  We’re going for undefeated,” Flores responded.


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