By Marques Mosley

Piedmont Hills Cheerleaders get into the history books by getting first place in their 1st event of the year. That is the first time it has happened in the history of cheerleading at Piedmont Hills High School. By having the best routine and hitting all their marks during it to make it look perfect.

“This is the first time this has happened in the years of competitions we have been and it’s a great feeling” comments Varsity Captain Cheerleader Danyel Lee

The competition was held on Saturday Sept 26 at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Going into the competition the girls had a lot of excitement but also they were nervous.

“Lots of people were there and I was scared I wasn’t going to hit my stunt.” said Danyel

Routine was the major part for the team’s victory at the competition. Every day during practice the team would practice their routine to perfect it and make it great any way they could. They would add new moves in the routine each day before they were settled with the best routine.

Team chemistry has not been an issue on the team this season. The girls work well together on and off the mat. They have a tight bond with each other which some cheerleaders say this team is better that last year’s.

“This year’s team has better communication between one another than last year’s.” exclaimed Varsity Cheerleader Gaby Beltran

“I wasn’t on the team last year but the other years I have been on the team we had much conflict but with this team we have no conflict and we work really well together.” said Danyel

With the heat blazing hot the girls felt heat exhaustion. But it didn’t stop them as they finished first in their division in the competition. By winning the team qualified for the National Cheer Competition event in Anaheim, CA at Disneyland where all the top cheerleaders in the United States compete.

The cheerleaders feel very confident within themselves to win some more events before Nationals. With their good team chemistry, great routine, amazing performance at the competition, looks like the cheer squad is making a big name for themselves, “National Champions, Oh Yes!”.


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