Who runs the world? 2016 Male Cheer performs at the Homecoming Rally.

Photo courtesy of Milee Alcantara

By Valerie Nguyen

On the week of Sept. 28, Piedmont Hills anticipated its 50th Homecoming as ASB (Associated Student Body) prepared for the traditional class hall decorations, Powderpuff games, Homecoming rally, football game and dance.

The hallways were decorated for all of staff, students and visitors to see as they roamed the halls.  Like every year, each class had its own distinctive theme to which they dressed up on their specific spirit day: sophomores on Monday, freshmen on Tuesday, juniors on Wednesday, seniors on Thursday and the usual class color day on Friday.  The halls were divided for each class: the freshmen with Lilo & Stitch, sophomores with Peter Pan, juniors with Alice in Wonderland and seniors with the End of the World.

“As an officer for the last three years, this year’s Homecoming was the best out of all of them,” said senior class Treasurer Trang Nguyen.  “Although it was the most stressful, it was great to see how we changed and progressed as a class through our artwork and commitment towards the halls.”

Girls’ Powderpuff, a flag football game among all the classes, began kick off at the beginning of the week with the juniors facing the freshmen and later followed with the sophomores against the seniors the next day.  On Wednesday, the freshmen and sophomores went head to head for third place, which the sophomores took home with 15-0.  The championship game with the seniors facing the juniors included both touchdowns made from senior Jasmine Gonzalez, resulting with the seniors’ win of 13-0.

For every Homecoming comes a rally at the end of the week that consisted of skits based on themes from each class and performances by the cheerleaders and Male Cheer.

“We put as much time and dedication into Male Cheer as much as someone would put into an after school sport.  We had long practices multiple times a week for about a month and a half.  In the end, it paid off, because we pulled through and gave Piedmont an amazing routine to see,” explained senior Brandon Thai.

The Homecoming game occurred on that same Friday with the Piedmont Hills Pirates versus the Willow Glen Rams.  The game had a halftime show with the performances of the cheerleaders and Male Cheer as well.  The Pirates closed the game with a win of 49-33.  At the end of the game, the Administration provided a fireworks show in honor of Piedmont Hills’ 50th year anniversary.

The Homecoming Dance was the last of the events on the following Saturday with a Monte Carlo theme known as “Welcome to Para-dice.”  Homecoming King and Queen nominees included freshmen Sean Nguyen and Isabella Castro; juniors Alan Huynh and Elaine Pham; senior Dominik Pedraza and junior Heather Le.

The dance contained bright fairy lights, a flashy photo booth and catchy music for students to enjoy throughout the night.  As the voting went on until the end of the dance, Dominik and Heather were announced Homecoming King and Queen.

“My favorite part would have to be the Homecoming Dance.  It was a perfect way to end the long week, because we were all able to come together as a school and have fun,” commented ASB President Richard Nguyen.

ASB definitely had their work cut out for them this year, but as usual, they continue to surprise the students to their abilities along with the help of each class.


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