By Dixie Murillo

This year we have eight new clubs on campus, which include AADP, C0d3x, Paradox Motions, The Storytellers Collective, Cricket and Smash Bros Society. There also two other clubs which are Engineering and Coding and Magic the Gathering.

AADP (Asian American Donor Program) is a club focuses on helping and volunteering at the official AADP program.  This program is a non-profit whose mission is to help anyone who has diseases like Leukemia and Aplastic Anemia.  The club plans on helping in drives or other events to help increase availability of potential stem cell or bone marrow donors.

C0d3x is a club that gives members the opportunity to love coding.  For new members who don’t know how to code, other members teach them how.  This club also provides opportunities to learn by giving presentations or getting guest speakers.  This club also participates in a Hackathon.  Members collaborate in computer programing for several days.

PMX (Paradox Motion) is a club focused on hip-hop, and its choreography.  The members of this club teach one another how to dance.  They also use the power of hip-hop to express themselves and how they feel.  Anyone can join this club.  No experience is necessary.

TSC (Storytellers Collective) is a club that explores the power of storytelling.  They do storytelling in different ways.  Some methods they use to tell stories are prose and poetry, art, music synthesizing and spoken word.  This club will also be working with all kinds of mediums.  No experience is necessary to join this club.

Cricket is a club that focuses on how the sport cricket works. This club teaches members how to play cricket. It also shows them different ethnic backgrounds that can play the sport.

Smash Bros Society is a club that is based on and dedicated to the hit video game Super Smash Brothers.  Within the club there are tournaments.  This club meets during lunch every first and third of the month in P-10.


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