F.02.Artery paints Science Halls.Michelle Fong

ART! Senior Iris Chiang evolves her painting of Charles Darwin.

Photo: Michelle Fong

By Michelle Fong

Artery has been painting the science hallways since last month, decorating the blank walls with the faces of famous scientists.  The project began when AP Biology and Forensics teacher Jason Dries commissioned Artery to beautify the halls.

“We’ve had really boring halls for 50 years.  The time is done,” Mr. Dries declares.  “It was also a way to showcase student artists (and) have them do something that everyone can see.”

To start off the project, Mr. Dries presented Artery with a list of ideas for the mural, ranging from pictures of scientists to random chemistry and physics equations.  Then, the time-consuming process of sketching and painting began.

“We mostly spend time during art class or Wednesday afternoons to work on the mural,” notes Treasurer Sharon Lee.

The first part of the mural, which can be seen on the wall outside of chemistry teacher Lope Macasaet’s classroom, is a portrait of Charles Darwin, who is known for his theory of natural selection.  Other possible portraits include Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  Artery has decided to take it one step at a time and focus on one part of the mural before starting another.

Many students and staff appreciate the ongoing mural project.

“It’s neat that we’re giving some artistic expression to science,” physics teacher Lance Aberle remarks.

Others are excited to view the final product.

“I really can’t wait for it to be finished,” exclaims junior Evan Sum.  “Hopefully there are some physics puns so that when I feel down and I go through the physics halls, it can cheer me up!”

The length of the project depends on how much funding Artery will receive from the Science Department.

“We hope that the mural can be finished by the end of the school year,” expresses Sharon.


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