By Michelle Lin

Scheduled to begin this winter, the PHHS swimming pool will undergo renovations costing approximately $3 million, according to Principal Traci Williams.

For years, the school has had several problems with its swimming pool.  Such issues range from chipped tiles on the floor to the shallowness of the swimming pool.

“I think the pool renovation is a much-needed project,” claims Ms. Williams.  “The pool area will be converted from having two individual pools to one large supersize pool that will have a deep end and a shallow end.”

According to the district website, the East Side Union High School District currently has plans to renovate the pools of seven schools in the district.  For all seven schools, the cost to remodel is about $21.6 million, which is approximately $3 million for each of the schools.

“It’s a lot of money because (they have) to do some extra constructions to make the area the right size for the renovation.  It’s going to be very, very expensive, and it’s going to take a little over a year.  It’s scheduled to start in December,” asserts PHHS sports director Peter Simos.

Because the renovation will take such a long time to complete, it will conflict with not only the swim team’s season this year, but also with the swimming units for the freshmen PE classes.

“We won’t have a swimming as a (PE) course until probably spring of 2017.  Where it’s really going to affect is our swim team this year, and we’re going to be practicing at Independence (High School),” states Mr. Simos.

“Practicing at Independence will affect practice schedules, and it’s just really hectic,” anticipates swimmer Maxine Gutierrez.  “But pool renovations are definitely worth it, since comparing to the other schools where we have meets, they all have better pools than us.”

Despite the several unfortunate events, the swimming pool’s renovation does carry many positive aspects that will help improve the school.

“(The swimming pool) will be able to accommodate diving and all the PE classrooms, so it’s just going to be a new and exciting addition to the school,” mentions Ms. Williams.

“Once we have the pool, we’re going to have a safer facility,” acknowledges Mr. Simos.  “It’s just going to be a better facility for both PE and athletics.”


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