By Justine Afalla

On a cold chilly autumn night in November, the idea of college always lingers in the minds of both students and parents.  They often ponder about agonizing college applications, tedious financial expenses and the dreadful thought of independence.

Not all of this may apply to our current and future generation students, nor will it apply to select parents, but there will always be a time in life where children age and subtly crave to spread their wings to fly into the sky of independence and adventure.

Now, not all parents intend to make their children suffer or feel bad about themselves, but their constant questioning about whether their children are capable of living on their own leave students to doubt their ideals and dreams about independence (or maybe spark an interest).  It is tough, students are often prejudiced with the thought of parting with their loved ones just for their own personal reasons.  Sometimes the thought of selfishness may cross their mind, but that is not always the case.

In reality, students have to consider that they are not entirely independent. Young students still rely on college funds and other expenses contributed by their own parents or guardians.  Students may have had a taste of the ‘real-world’ through a part time job or activity and consider themselves to be mentally mature; and there is nothing wrong with maintaining a positive mindset about adulthood.  In fact, it is good to stay optimistic in order to make a first step into independence.

Some students and parents often have a negative perception about growing up, yet sometimes they fail to acknowledge the reasons behind such opinions.  Parents and guardians often fail to realize that it is okay to trust their children and let go.  It is up to their better judgment to determine whether they are mentally ready to realize the small adolescent they have raised is capable of caring for him or herself; and vice versa to young aspiring students.

Overall, both students and parents should come to a mutual understanding and create an establishment of trust in order to move forward in life.  It is good to keep a positive mindset on the subject and obtain confidence in order to eliminate dreadful tensions between student and parent; not only will it develop trust and compassion, but being able to communicate will form a stronger bond.


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