“HOW CAN SKY BE THE LIMIT?” Jeremiah Loree raps at Key Club’s LTG Banquet.

Photo courtesy of Naomi Tran

By Michelle Fong

“I can hardly recall a day where I wasn’t rehearsin’ verses, convinced that my purpose / was to inspire with lyrics, and even open the curtains for a younger kid with similar dreams as my own / reveal to him his importance through the words in the song / cuz I know how good the music sounds when you’re alone,” senior Jeremiah Loree passionately raps in his album Misfortune.

Jeremiah began to develop an interest in rapping when he was ten.  The movies Notorious and 8 Mile sparked his interest in rap culture, and he began to learn how to write his own raps.

“I was very fascinated by the technical aspect of it like how people could rhyme eight, ten syllables at a time…and still at the same time tell a story about something that I could relate to,” explains Jeremiah.

One of Jeremiah’s most well-known raps is his Work to Rule rap, performed at the school board meeting last November.

“Actually the day before the meeting, (P.E. teacher Jennifer) Harris contacted me and asked if I could do it, so I had literally that night to do it and rap it the next day,” reveals Jeremiah.

He has released three albums so far—Infinitive:The Mixtape, Misfortune and Rough Edges EP—and is working on releasing another one soon.  Despite the expensive cost of professionally producing his own CD, Jeremiah passed out his albums for free to students and teachers who wanted one.  His rap songs can also be downloaded from his Youtube channel, 59Miah.

Jeremiah has also competed in various rap contests, namely the Teambackpack Cypher in sophomore year and the Kato’s No Sucka MC’s contest in senior year.  Although he has had his music featured on the radio, Spotify and iTunes, his proudest achievement to date is a simple message to him about his positive influence on others.

“My main goal in music has always been to help people through whatever struggles they’re going through and inspire them to find their passion,” emphasizes Jeremiah.

He also has a passion for bodybuilding.  Similar to rapping, he treats bodybuilding as a way to relieve stress.

“It started off as (wanting to get big), but then the more I got into it, it became another form of expression and another passion that I had,” Jeremiah elaborates.  “Once you see results, it’s just addicting.”

He is also the treasurer for Elements and part of the wrestling team.

More information about his music can be found on his website:


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