By Rosa Lin

Starting this year, ASB is implementing new regulations in regards to gram delivery.  In the past, these grams were preordered through booths in the hallways and delivered by students during 5th or 6th period.

“From now on until finals week, grams can be dropped off during break and lunch for teachers to pass out during 4th and 6th period,” explains senior class president Megan Huang.  “We have to have permission from the teachers though.”

Many students have expressed mixed opinions about the new gram delivery rule.

“During finals week grams have to be passed out during break, lunch or afterschool,” reveals ASB Secretary Sydnie Tanujaya.  “It makes things more inconvenient, but I understand how the teachers feel.”

Since these grams are delivered to students during class time, some teachers feel as if both the receiver and deliverer of the grams are letting valuable class time go to waste. Some students also feel that their concentration is shattered every time their class is interrupted.

“You’re trying to listen to the teacher, but then they (the grams) take the attention away from the teacher,” expresses senior Matthew Enriquez.  On the other hand, other students still appreciate the in class gram delivery.

“Personally I don’t find the grams distracting at all,”  says senior Iris Chiang.  “Receiving the grams is a nice reminder that someone cares about you, especially considering how high stress school can be.”

“They may be a brief distraction, but I like them because of that.  It’s like a breath of fresh air from the lesson,” laughs Matthew.

Although the new rules bring complications, ASB understands the reasoning behind the change, and hope the new rule minimizes classroom disruptions and accommodates to the wishes of both the students and staff on campus.


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