By Alyssa Gutierrez

The students and student athletes of Piedmont Hills joined the movement and the protest and decided to take a knee during the Homecoming Football Game on Sept. 23 against Mt. Pleasant during the singing of the National Anthem. Students also raised their fists and sat down during the Homecoming Rally on that same day. People all across the country started protesting the National Anthem to protest against police violence and to raise awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States.

“For the people who don’t actually know the actual lyrics, Google the original ones, it directly has quotes linked to slavery and punishing black people so that is why we decided to take a knee” informs Senior Offensive Lineman Donovan Taylor. Not everybody agreed with the student’s right to protest. The PHHS football coaches told their players if they do it again, they’ll bench them for the game says Senior Michael Bird. You can’t just decide on student athlete views to comment on this matter. Most of the students and staff at PHHS didn’t even realize this was happening. “I don’t think it will achieve anything because we’re only high school students and that won’t make a difference in the world” says Junior Casey Lambert.

This all started when the San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Collin Kaepernick took a knee during the singing of the National Anthem to raise awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement and to raise awareness of police violence. People all over the country disagreed with his choice because it is “disrespectful to our troops and to our country,” but he received more love than hate. It also confused a lot of people because why didn’t he protest this when he was a starting quarterback? It would have gotten a lot more attention, but it got just the right amount for people all around to speak out. Students as well as other athletes are all following him now and joining his movement.

How will this movement make a difference in the world and bring forward the Black Lives Matter movement? There are a lot of different opinions whether this movement will make a difference in the world. Casey thinks that “It will definitely get more attention drawn to that subject but I don’t think anything will happen because police are going to continue being police.”

Donovan thinks otherwise that change will happen, but it will happen over time. “At least in American, sports play a big part of our daily lives so it will definitely sky rocket forward” and he also added “In time you will find a better way to deal with it.” The big question now is, will you protest against the National Anthem and join the movement?



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