By Hannahjane Arellano

SMILE! Junior Jiyuan Zhu places money into a trick-or-treat box.


Candy isn’t the only thing that will circle around the campus this month. Every year, UNICEF has Trick-or-Treat boxes throughout October.  These boxes are like colorful piggy banks that collect donations for the organization itself.

The fundraiser started the second week of October and will end the beginning of November.  The money is used to help with certain projects in disastrous areas.  This fundraiser brings a lot of awareness for those in need and for the organization.

Not everyone is required to participate in the fundraiser, but the club officers highly encourage their club members to do so. “Usually everyone participates because most of the members love doing it,” says UNICEF Co-Secretary Brandon Dimapasoc.

“Last year, we raised about $2,000,” mentions President senior Lydia Hong.  This year, their goal is to raise at least $2,500. UNICEF plans to do more fundraisers like this because not only does it involve the club members, it also involves people who want to help fund UNICEF.  The club hopes that people give what they can offer to show support to those in need.


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