SPRINT! Varsity Runner Austin Rubalcava sprints to the end of his race. (Picture Courtesy of Ian Tippets)

By Arthur Hoang

The Boy’s Cross Country runs back into action as they ready up for their next couple of meets. As school started once again the season started and the cross country training started as well.

The Boys’ Cross Country has already run four meets so far. The first four meets are held at Montgomery Hill Park near Evergreen Valley College.

The first meet, the team lost all their races then the second race the team won all their races. After the first four races both the Varsity and the Freshman/ Sophomore cross country runners were 2-2 races.

During the third meet, the team got third place but they felt it wasn’t the best they could put out but the team won’t let it happen again.

“Overall, the team did fairly well, but we had some hiccups here and there (two runners fell),” said Junior Varsity Runner William Chung.

Finally, the last meet the team did great, many people improved their times even people that were sick and ran the course.

The cross country team is constantly improving dropping sometimes more than two to three minutes off their individual times.

When cross county doesn’t have a meet during that week, members would do long runs six to thirteen miles long or short and intense runs ¼ mile long.

“Training consist of running to Alum Rock Park to the track to hills,” says Chung

During training the team adds core work two times a week doing exercises like mason twist, bye kicks and biking along with stretches while injured runners use stationary bikes.

“Our practices have been pretty intense… To prepare us to race against other competitors,” states Varsity Runner Anthony Qiu.

They have logged up to 50 practices and more than 200 miles.

When cross country has a meet during the week, the team take it easier to prevent injury and become unnecessarily tired before the meet.  They would drop two to six miles from their normal runs.

In a week the cross country team will have their league finals at Crystal Springs


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