INSPIRATIONAL! Kevin Tran shares his insight with students.

By Tyler Vu

Over the course of October many seniors have taken ahold of their futures by attending a UC workshop hosted by CSF (California Scholarship Foundation).  The free workshop is meant to help seniors make heads or tails of the confusing task of filling out their applications.  With the deadline for the life-deciding applications cresting the horizon, the help is much needed.

“Yeah, college apps are about to open and I still haven’t started on them,” admits one senior.  “I just don’t know where to start.”

The workshop was led by UC Berkeley senior, Kevin Tran.  This is his second year leading the event, with last year’s workshop being a huge success according to many of last year’s attendees.  Over the course of October, Kevin worked with the students to turn their life stories into unique personal statements that will (hopefully) get them accepted into the college of their choice.

The workshop is held in four parts, each session focusing on one aspect of the applications.  At the first session, held on Oct. 8, the attendees spent two hours going over the UC website and figuring out what aspects of themselves they wish to present to the colleges.  This self reflection is crucial to the process as it allows the student to focus on a specific part of themselves write about.

“The workshop really helped me narrow down on what parts of myself I want to write about,” says senior Tiffany Truong.

The follow up sessions mainly focused on writing the statements themselves and shoring up any weaknesses that might appear.

“Colleges will be most interested in students that have a capacity for improvement and open-mindedness because these two qualities are crucial for any college that seeks exceptional graduates and future applicants,” explains Kevin.

Although many places charge exorbitant fees for such a service, the workshop is free!

“It’s one of my passions to empower the youth and through my workshop, I focus a lot on empowering the individual.  Self-empowerment is very important to me which is why I offer this workshop.  I aspire to be an educator, and I see that there aren’t many resources available to students looking to apply to four year institutions,” says Kevin.


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