By Erica Xie

PAWS (Pets are Worth Saving) and Crumb by Crumb will host their annual baking activity for pets this Friday from 3pm to 5pm after being postponed due to advisor issues.

“We usually have this collaboration two times per year.  It helps pets because we feed them in shelters, and we provide a good environment to get members involved in our community, while doing their passion,” states Crumb by Crumb President Tiffany Truong.

The clubs baked dog-and-cat-friendly treats, incorporating Crumb by Crumb’s baking and PAWS’ love for pets in B-2.

“Based off (of) past years we’ve done dog food and cat food.  (There’s) bacon inside dog treats and the cat treats have a bit of tuna,” shares PAWS President Veronica Roy.

Even though the event was delayed due to the lack of an advisor, it is expected to be very successful with a massive turnout.

This event has been a tradition for more than four years now at Piedmont Hills.  Each year, PAWS and Crumb by Crumb alternate buying materials, and this year is Crumb by Crumb’s turn.

Having this event is a good way to inspire club friendship and create bonds between clubs.


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