HIKE! Football Offensive Line gets ready for the snap. 

By Leiana Baclig

The Varsity Football team has kicked off the season with a record of 4-2.  The four teams Piedmont Hills had defeated were North Salinas, Mt. Pleasant, Willow Glen and Pioneer.  Piedmont Hills finally beat Pioneer for the first time since the 2010 championship.

“Our record shows the final outcome of the game, but it does not show all the skill we have on the team.  We can go 8-2 if we work as a team,” commented RB (Running Back)  and OLB Outside Linebacker) Alex Mora.

One of the biggest struggles the team is playing as individuals instead of playing as a whole team.  The players are working on their team chemistry so they can work better on the field together.  Their physicality on offense is a bit weak, but they have been lifting weights to develop their strength.  During practice, the players do hitting drills to help them be more physical on offense.  Once the team has developed a stronger physicality on offense, they will be more scary on sight.

The team has had some major improvements from the start of the season.  They became stronger on defense by doing more tackling drills and changing up their defensive scheme.  Their knowledge of knowing plays is stronger than it was last season; the players have the ability to accomplish the plays within a matter of seconds.  The team is faster this season because they have faster players.

“Our team’s strongest skill is our ability to play our speed to our advantage. We might be the smallest team in our league in terms of physical size and stature, but we might be the fastest.  We definitely use that to our advantage,” mentioned TE (Tight End) and DE (Defensive End) Michael Bird.

The team is currently working on passing plays called by their coaches.  They want to be able to complete the plays by making better passes.

“They (coaches) know what they are doing, and we have trust them, so we have to go out there and prove to everyone how pirate football is played,” Mora continues.

The players are working hard during their games practices and games.  Focusing on the present is what they do to not get carried away with their wins and losses.

“Our team’s goal is a CCS (Central Coast Section) Championship.  Anything less is a disappointment,” stated Bird.


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