PURSUIT OF KNOWLEDGE Mr. Shahrivar shows his love for learning. 

By Phuong Nguyen

“(Outside of school) I travel, I do stand-up comedy, I play sports (and) visit family,” English teacher Babak Shahrivar enumerates.

Five years into his teaching career at PHHS, Mr. Shahrivar teaches English 3 and AP Language and Composition in room F-13.

His childhood consisted of visiting his family in Germany and Iran and hanging out with his two close friends and his brother.

Mr. Shahrivar attended Homestead High School and De Anza Community College.  He then transferred to UCLA.

“When I was in high school, I was not involved in anything (and) was not motivated.  I was pretty lazy.  I never took an AP class or honors or anything.  I felt like I had a rebirth in community college…  I worked really hard and I got straight A’s in community college,” recalls Mr. Shahrivar.

Not wanting to be a broadcaster for television anymore, he decided to try teaching after he graduated from De Anza.

“I always liked talking with people and being with people (and trying) to inspire people.  I remember having those moments in school where you figured out how to use a formula correctly in math or you understand why a certain event happened in U.S. history.  I want to be a part of those moments for younger kids,” Mr. Shahrivar says with aspiring eyes.

A memorable moment in his life is going to Germany to visit family with his mom and brother.

“My brother passed away shortly after that trip so it was like a last trip that we had together as a family,” reminisces Mr. Shahrivar.

Another memorable event is when he went to her house in Colorado during the holiday break last year and proposed to his girlfriend.

“Right after she said yes, (I was so tired that) I went to bed,” Mr. Shahrivar laughs.

His outdoor wedding will be at Saratoga Springs on July 14, 2017.

Mr. Shahrivar plans to pursue a graduate degree and even a Ph. D in five years, have a child or two in ten years and think about retirement in 15 years.


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