By Jen Luu

PHHS Choir Council members were invited to perform at the Golden State Warriors home game on Nov. 26 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland.  They sang the “Star-Spangled Banner” in the middle of the stadium, where hundreds of people in the audience watched them.

“It was a really fun experience because I have never performed in front of such a humongous audience before,” expresses senior Aleisha Lew.

When the performers arrived and settled in to prepare, they had the opportunity to watch the basketball players practice before the game started.

“I have been doing this for three years, and every year there are new players.  It was cool being on the court with Kevin Durant for the first time,” claims senior Catherine Tran.

To kickstart the performance, people in the audience rose and placed their hands over their hearts as a customary salute.  Shortly after, the Choir Council performed the “Star Spangled Banner.”  Singers in various sections—such as soprano, tenor, bass and alto—harmonized with each other.   Pyrotechnics went off throughout the performance.  In other words, during certain lyrics such as “rockets red glare” and “bombs bursting in the air,” there were bouts of fireworks as an added effect.

“I felt excited and scared (performing) because when we sang those parts, I could actually feel the heat (from the pyrotechnics),” recalls senior James Hoang.

Once the singers finished, they were able to watch the basketball game.

“We got to see Stephen Curry, which was really mind-blowing,” exclaims Aleisha.

Music teacher Myles Ellis organized this opportunity.  Although the singers were able to perform at the arena, they still had to pay for their entrance.  Mr. Ellis sold tickets to the game for $90.  Compared to other sellers, such as Stubhub which sold tickets for about $300, the tickets he sold were approximately three times cheaper.


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