By Andrew Huynh

Last Monday, CSF (California Scholarship Federation) members held a Christmas Carnival for students of San Antonio Elementary School.

“We attempt to make their holidays brighter by hosting the Christmas Carnival at their school,” informs President Angela Lam.

According to Angela, the Christmas Carnival has taken place every year for the past four years.

When coordinating and planning the event, officers are split into fives committees: games, crafts, snacks, Santa room and Kindergarten room.

San Antonio is part of the Alum Rock Union Elementary School District and is located in a less fortunate neighborhood.

In previous years and this year, English teachers Nancy Kennett and Peggy Lee have supervised CSF members as they volunteered for the carnival. Math teacher Kevin Murphy has played the role of Santa Claus every year.

“Seeing the elementary students give us hugs and thanks is the best part about going to the Christmas Carnival every year. We end the day by seeing all of their big smiles and by hearing their wishes for the next year’s event,” answers Angela when asked about her favorite moments.

Members have a plethora of activities to tend to while volunteering.

“My group set up games for the children,” explains general member Kevin Ky. “We had a bean bag tossing game and musical chairs.”

The Christmas Carnival serves as a highlight of the holiday season for members who volunteer as well.

“It was really fun and I’m really glad I decided to go,” says Kevin. “I would definitely go again! I’m already looking forward for next year.”


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