By Ashliana Rodriguez

On Fri. Dec. 2, the Drama department presented “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal.” A spinoff of Home Alone, the play revolved around Kelly McCallister, played by senior Tresea Rullamas. Just like in Home Alone, there is a power outage that restarts the family alarm clocks and makes the family late for its trip to Paris. As a result, everyone leaves Kelly behind. Kelly fights off two burglars and keeps Old Man Marley, the creepy neighbor next door, away.

“It follows the story (of Home Alone) but adds some quirky characters,” explains Drama teacher Ms. Woods.

“We were able to give the people a small break from life and a quick laugh before finals and the holidays,”comments junior Rae Laguna-Carona who plays Helga.

Ms. Woods’ Advanced Drama class put together the show by producing, directing and creating the set. This show took a lot of work to put together since the students were only allowed to rehearse during class time. This plot was chosen because they enjoyed the way how last year’s show went when they performed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

“We created a show that would give the audience a break from the real world and feeling warm for the holidays,” states senior Tresea Rullamas, who plays the lead role in the play, Kelly McCallister.

The cast was made up of students from Advanced Drama class. For some, this was their first show performing in front of an audience.

“It was a really great experience,” said junior and Prop Master Alyssa Severance. “It was really great being apart of tech crew.”

For cast, the production was stressful at times but they pulled it together to present an amazing show for the staff and students.


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