By Jen Luu

Last Thursday, a fire broke out in the boys’ bathroom located in the Junior Hall during the beginning of 4th period. Senior Richard Espinoza was the first person to discover the fire.

“When the fire alarm went off, I thought it was just a drill. So since my class was close to the bathroom, I just went,” recalls Richard. “But when I opened the door and looked in, there was a fog. From the smell of it, I knew there was an actual fire.”

After the fire alarm sounded, students and teachers evacuated to their designated areas near the tennis courts and school parking lots. Staff members put out the flame with a fire extinguisher, while firefighters from the San Jose Fire Station No.19 came to ensure the safety the students and faculty.

Students expressed various reactions to the sudden alarm. The prevalent attitude among most people was unconcern. At the same time, some students cheered while others groaned. The evacuation lasted for approximately half an hour.

“After a while, our teacher tried teaching a lesson. She was helping us prep for our upcoming poetry test,” recalls senior Jason Vu.

Although many find it inconvenient to follow through with fire drills so often, it was a good precaution that day.

“I’m glad that our fire alarms work because I know there are a lot of false alarms. This time, they protected us because there actually was a fire,” says Assoc. Principal Jacqueline Ng.

After the smoke cleared and staff members handled the crisis, class resumed. Official details of the event are not disclosed because they are still under investigation.


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