By Melody Li

On Jan. 20, Interact hosted Me the Leader, a leadership workshop open to all students that focused on time management, professionalism, teamwork and service.

“The workshop was [designed] to help members build and gain insight on the leader they are and want to be,” explains Youth Act Coordinator Lauren Lee-Tran.

The event started with icebreakers to allow members and officers become comfortable with each other.  Then, Interact officers split the attendees into four different groups and worked on a rotating schedule to allow every member to attend workshops and presentations given by Interact officers on each of the four topics.  Three officers were assigned to each topic, allowing the officers to focus on their respective topics and lead the workshops unique to their own styles.

“My topic was professionalism.  I talked about how professionalism is about finding a balance between yourself and being presentable.  I talked a little about the topic and then played a game to describe it,” recalls Co-Historian Derek Tang.

Although it was the first time the club hosted a leadership workshop, both officers and members agree it had a smooth turnout.

“Overall, I loved the event because I saw members taking initiative and taking the next step into becoming great leaders.  All the workshops were fun and interactive,” expresses Lauren.


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