By Anthony Ta and Syed Rahim

As winter breezes through the school, spirit week, Winter Rally and Winter Ball come to life once more.

Last Friday, the annual winter rally took place in the big gym with several performances from dance clubs, a skit from ASB and a segment recognizing sports captains. Spirit week—from Mon., Dec. 5 to last Friday—ignited the winter spirit throughout the school with holiday-themed activities and inspired many to share the joy of the holiday.

Due to a lack of publication and low ticket sales, ASB decided to cancel the winter ball.

“ASB will work harder for Sadies to happen,” states 2017 Vice President Jaria Jaug.

ASB started the rally off with a skit revolving around an elf trying to find his place in Santa’s workshop. After many failed attempts at finding his expertise, the elf—played by junior Howard Tong—runs to the center of the workshop upset. This does not last when the elves exchanged gifts. Howard receives a light-up Christmas sweater, which brings joy to his heart.

After ASB’s skit, juniors Taylor Dutra, Kayla Suoto and seniors Isaiah Gonzalez, James Grier were all recognized as captains of their respective sports teams. With the recognition of sports students, several clubs shook up the big gym with their respective dances. The performing clubs were Indian Club, PXM (Paradox Motion) and SXC (Seoul Xtreme Choreography).

“I think (Indian club members) really pulled it off. We know we pushed them really hard, but I think they did such an amazing job today and we are super proud of them!” exclaims Indian Club Vice President Namrata Shetty.

“I thought we did really good,” beams PXM President Justin Ho. “This is our first rally performance here and I’m just happy with the outcome.”

“The members worked really hard, and the effort matched the performance. There could be some things that we could fix in terms of formations and outfit malfunctions, but other than that I think it went really well,” joyfully expresses SXC President Angela Lam.

This time, the alma mater did not conclude the rally to ensure attendance for the class call.

Spirit week for this chilly season included Monday as Cozy Day, Tuesday as Ugly Sweater, Wednesday as Swinter, Thursday as Character Day and Friday as Snow Day with Class color accessories.


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