By Melody Li

On Sun. Jan. 15, NHS (National Honor Society) held their annual induction ceremony in the L-Building to formally induct their members into the club.

“Induction ceremony is an annual event held by NHS to officially recognize its members for their service, leadership, and academic success.  It’s where inductees officially become members of NHS,” explains Vice President Jason Vu.

At the ceremony, each member was introduced by advisors and science teachers David Vasques and Archie Kregear as they walked the stage and lit a candle.  One advisor read their names while the other handed cords and certificates.  At the end, members came together to recite the club’s pledge and gathered for pictures.

Along with the ceremony process, the night was also filled with food and performances prepared by the NHS members.  The menu for the night included a three course meal of salad, pasta and dessert.  The meal was accompanied by numerous performances from NHS members and other clubs on campus including Indian Club and VSA (Vietnamese Student Association).  The ceremony concluded with a special performance prepared by the NHS officers.

The L-Building was covered with decorations to fit this year’s induction ceremony’s theme of “Induction Through the Ages.” Posters depicting retro-style scenes and table decor commemorating vintage eras added to the night’s atmosphere.

“The theme was chosen by a vote and we agreed that it’d be a little funny reference to how we’re the ‘last 90’s kids’ so we’re technically a part of that whole retro classical era and to expand on that, we also included references to different decades like the 60’s and 70’s!” explains Jason.

“It was definitely a night to remember. I had flashbacks of all of the accomplishments throughout my life and especially high school as I walked across the stage to light my candle,” expresses member Elaine Pham.

According to Secretary Jennifer Lai, the profits made from the induction ceremony will go to Save the Children, a charity that promotes children’s rights and provides support and relief for children in third-world countries.


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