By Arthur Hoang

Hosted by high school clubs across the Bay Area, the annual UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) Snowflake Ball was held on Sat., Jan. 21 in the L-Building at 7pm. Tickets were sold for $13 and $15 at the door.

The event drew students from many other schools, like Evergreen and Independence. Some even visited from schools in FUSD (Fremont Unified School District) as well.

The Snowflake Ball began with guest speaker Jacklyn Kurtela from the Bay Area UNICEF Next Generation, a committee of young leaders committed to saving women and children. PHHS’s SXC (Seoul Xtreme Choreography) also performed their new set “Caution.”

“It was a really good last performance that we had, even though we were down a person. I feel like we did what we could do, and we did well,” exclaims SXC Secretary Kyle Lam. “It was a good way to close out our first set of the year!”

The intermission featured a raffle for those who bought tickets at the door, with prizes such as the UNICEF paraphernalia, featured art and a stuffed animal.

Dinner of alfredo and pesto pasta were served while a range of performers and guest speakers took the stage.

All the money raised by Snowflake Ball went to the Syrian Refugee Crisis. By hosting such an event, students hoped to raise awareness on the issue.

“We don’t have an exact amount right now, but it is more than a thousand dollars,” says PHHS UNICEF President Syndie Tanujaya.”

The Bay Area Snowflake Ball originated when UNICEF clubs across the Bay Area decided to host a large event to raise money. After hosting a successful charity ball in 2014, UNICEF clubs continued it, with this year’s being the 4th annual Snowflake Ball.

“The Snowflake Ball is not nearly a ball. However, we chose to use that name for this event because the official UNICEF organization hosts a ball every year for celebrities and ambassadors to attend, which they call Snowflake Ball,” explains UNICEF Treasurer Eileen Vu.

“We wanted to honor our mother organization that way.”


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