By Mae Castellano

Just like there’s a designated day for couples, there’s one for the single pringles: Singles’ Awareness Day. This holiday is celebrated by the single people and can either take place on Valentine’s Day or the day after.

The point of Singles’ Awareness Day is for “lonely” people to have celebrations or get togethers with their other single friends and exchanges gifts with each other. Some common activities done on this holiday include spoiling oneself, traveling and volunteering.

“I wait for Target to go on sale and buy the chocolates,” says junior Cindy Hoang. “I enjoy (Valentine’s Day) for the candy, not the love.” This is a great way to start off your Singles’ Awareness Day: binging on cheap chocolates.

If some young, independent women (or men) “who don’t need no man (or woman)” really wants to have fun, they’ll call up their friends and have a fun night out.

If you’re not one to go out and be crazy, there is always the option of staying home and hanging out with friends. With your friends over, you can build a fort in the living room and act like children again.

“I watch romance movies any day besides Valentine’s Day,” comments junior Thy TranHoang. “(On Valentine’s Day), I eat and wonder why everyone is interacting so much.”

“I’m a single pringle, and I’m not ready to mingle,” claims Cindy.

Singles’ Awareness Day isn’t just about single people feeling down because they don’t have a significant other. There are those who are willingly single and know that they don’t need anyone to have fun in life; they enjoy how their life is now.


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