By Bernice Ou-yang

Don’t stress out about not having a significant other to hang out with on Valentine’s Day — It’s okay, because many people don’t either!  Here are a few tips to get loneliness off your mind:

  1. Hang out with friends.  When you’re going somewhere public, invite your friends.  It doesn’t matter if you’re going to be a third wheeler or even a fifth wheeler.  You’ll look much less lonely.
  2. Act busy.  It doesn’t matter how lonely you think you look.  If you are on your phone, you’ll look so much less lonely.  As long as you’re doing something, people will think that you’re just too busy to hang with your friends.
  3. Make new friends.  Instead of just standing there and being paranoid of people thinking that you›re a loner, why not make new friends?  Start a conversation with a random stranger that you think is alone or waiting for someone.  Keep them company, because most likely, they are feeling the same way you are.

Although it does feel a bit lonely and awkward to be that loner in the midst of people in public, you should not care about what others think.  Just because you may look lonely without a significant other on Valentine’s Day, it does not mean you do not have friends!

If anything, you should be happy that you can still enjoy that single life.


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