delarosas - jen luu
AWWW!! Mr. and Mrs. Delarosa are as sweet as roses!

By Jen Luu

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s no surprise that the emphasis on romance has taken stage around campus.  Whether it be in the form of student or teacher couples, the love between them is the same.

Similar to many teenagers’ experience with love, teachers can also discover a tender spark with someone on campus.   In this case, social science teacher Maria De La Rosa and math teacher Richard De La Rosa found each other at Piedmont. She has taught here for nine years while her husband has taught for ten.  By June, the couple will be married for four years.

“We were friends for the first two years when I was student teaching, and before that I would see him on my way out.  I knew who he was, but it wasn’t until (I started) hanging out with new teachers that we became friends,” recalls Mrs. De La Rosa.   Because their personalities are very similar, the two smoothly developed their friendship.  Both are laidback and easygoing. They also have a lot of the same interests such as the types of outdoor activities and T.V genres.

As they became more familiar with each other, Mr. De La Rosa was the one to initiate the start of their relationship.

“She said no at first,” expresses Mr. De La Rosa.  After the first attempt, he accepted her decision and remained friends until he tried again later on.  Initially, she was hesitant due to the concept of dating a co-worker.

“I didn’t want to get involved; it seemed complicated at work, but eventually he was very persistent, and I gave him a chance,” claims Mrs. De La Rosa.  That became the catalyst for the rest of their relationship.

Ever since then, they have grown to truly admire each other.

“She’s funny and she challenges me to be a better person,” says Mr. De La Rosa.  He appreciates the subtle, little moments when she makes him laugh or surprises him with a quote from a movie.  Likewise, she enjoys his sense of humor and other qualities as well.

“There’s a lot (to what I appreciate about him). He’s a really genuine person.  He’s funny, giving, and overall a good guy,” says Mrs. De La Rosa.  In addition to the admiration they have developed for each other, both have gained wisdom on how to maintain a successful relationship.

“Remember that it’s not all about you.  Try to put yourself in their shoes.  Try to see their perspective instead of jumping to conclusions,” advises Mrs. De La Rosa.  Compromise and mutual understanding are especially vital components.  At the same time, Mr. De La Rosa also sheds some light on what to do even before engaging in a relationship.

“Focus on yourself first, especially at this young age.  They say that before to have a fully healthy relationship, you need to be a fully healthy person yourself,” conveys Mr. De La Rosa.

The progression of their relationship is a warm reminder of the potential success and love anyone can find in their lives.


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