By Sagar Tomar

Both Varsity and JV Boys’ Basketball teams have started off the season strong, with both the Varsity and JV Boys league games all resulting in victories. Opponents such as Silver Creek, James Lick and Yerba Buena were all beaten with a margin of 20 points or more.

“I believe that we’ve been building up good team chemistry and everyone works equally hard to win games,” says team leader JoQuel Walker on their four game win streak.

“It is our coach who makes us work hard everyday in practice, that’s why we are so successful,” explains Forward Jimmy Botelho.

As of now, the team looks looking like it will be able to make CCS (Central Coast Section) and put up a good fight against other teams. Many players are confident moving on into the late season. Strong players like Forwards Demarri Floyd and Goose Persin have helped the team win major games on the road such as their game against Independence High.

Forward Jared Nguyen is the only player currently out with a foot injury. He is a vital part of the team and many of his teammates want to see him play.

The JV team is also doing well and have started off with a 3-0 league record and an overall 6-1 record. They scored an overwhelming victory 66-23 against Mt. Pleasant in one of their games.

Players such as forward Isaac Teferi give credit to their practice sessions and team play for their outstanding record.

Coach Simos has been a great asset to the team. He has prepared them throughout the season to have good work ethic so they can thrive later on in the season into CCS. The team hopes that they can win the CCS championships against other strong teams such as Bellarmine and Palo Alto High School, who are both undefeated as well. Currently, they are seeded seventh in the CCS standings just behind Los Gatos High School.


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