By Emilie Chau and Rianna Gallardo

For the first time in Piedmont Hills High School history, the wrestling team made it into the A-League.

The A-League is comprised of the top eight teams out of the 24 high schools in BVAL (Blossom Valley Athletic League). In order to make it into the A-League, a team has to be extremely well-rounded.

“We are trying to prove to the rest of the A-League that we belong there just as much as they do,” expresses senior captain James Grier.

The team is improving thanks to the hard work of captains Isaiah Gonzalez and James Grier.

“I work my hardest at practice and motivate myself to do my best,” reveals senior Dean Urbanski.

However, the season was not met without any complications.

“My biggest obstacle this year has been my injuries. I have dislocated my shoulder, but I have learned to drill as hard, because sometimes I cannot take it easy,” laughs Gonzalez.

Unlike many other sports, the wrestling team plays independently during competitions. Wrestling also comes with difficulties many other sports do not have such as requiring players to lose eight pounds in one day.

“In many different sports you typically take the loss as a team, maybe blame it on another team mate, bad pass or a foul. In wrestling it is all on you,” states Gonzalez.

Currently, the team is actively preparing for CCS (Central Coast Section) which will start Feb. 25.

“During CCS week most of us tend to do extra running and double practices,” explains Gonzalez.

“Our hardest dual meet was most likely Leigh,” confesses Grier.

The team currently has a record of 2-0.


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