By Hannahjane Arellano

Piedmont Hills Girls’ Basketball are making pointers on its season’s performance. While the season has been good, there is always room for improvement. The Varsity team explained how they had a rough preseason because the team was not winning games, but with hard work and dedication the girls were able to pull through.

“We’ve had a hard preseason but now that League is here, things started to clear up and our performance has been so much better,” exclaims senior Point Guard Nikki Llobrera.

The players are focused on winning more games and building a stronger team. In order for them to stay focused throughout the season, they all had to work together as one.

The girls trained persistently to make sure they put all their effort on the court. JV and Varsity both dedicated their time to achieve the power to win a tactical game. Since they lost a couple of games in the beginning of their season, they are making up for it now.

Varsity Girls’ most recent game was on Tues., Jan. 17 against Overfelt High School. The Lady Pirates won the game with a score of 62-37. Varsity girl’s record is 4-3 so far, three being league games. Junior Varsity girl’s record is 3-1. Their most recent game was on Fri., Jan. 20 against Independence High School with a score of 37-34.

“What inspires us to do our best is when everyone is having fun and when we work as a team to play the game,” expresses senior Center Analyn Nguyen.

Before each game, the girls hype each other up and keep their energy at an all time high. Additionally, each coach encourages them to get along with everyone. Although they can be pretty strict on their practices, it helps the players stay confident with themselves so there aren’t any offsets on the court.

Each player hopes to win more games throughout their season. All of them work and strive together as a team to dominate on the court. Working together and having the same goal helps improve the girls’ performance.

“A ‘team’ to me means that no matter what is happening outside, everyone has each other’s back on the court or field because we all have the same goal and you have to work together to achieve it,” declares sophomore Pointguard Zuri Nguy.


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