By Hannah Tong

As the new year begins, the new season brings and commences the spring sports.
The Boys Baseball Team started in early January, but had just finished their tryouts in February.

Last year the team’s record was 11-11, with 7 wins at home, and 4 wins on the road.
The varsity team consists of all grade levels, ranging from freshmen all the way up to seniors.

Many players have played baseball for a while. As the younger players move up onto Varsity, the older teammates help them in any way to improve them as players, such as fixing their swing.

On and off the field, the new team bond with each other by doing several activities.

“Sometimes we would just play wall ball or games like that…to build a good team chemistry,” notes Shortstop Nathan Gomez. “It’s a long season and it would be fun to fool around for a little.”

During practices, the team works a lot on defense. Infielders would take groundballs, balls that are thrown to roll along the ground, thrown by the coach and practice game situations they might run into against other teams.

The players also work on communication to improve and perfect the plays that their coach wants them to do.

“For example, coach would say roll a double play and he would hit it anywhere on the infield and as the players, we have to communicate to make that play,” informs Gomez.

The practices usually end with conditioning.

The Boys Varsity Baseball team also wanted to start off the season strong and win the very first game of the season.

Their first game was against Fremont High School. Piedmont Hills won their away game with a score of 4 to 1. Despite initially looking like the game might result in a tie, the Pirates started scoring more towards the end.

“Its exhilarating,” remarks Outfielder Alec Galbo on the season so far.

The baseball team’s current season record is 1-3, 2-2.

“(It) was good because it showed that we can be put on the line and clutch up,” explains Gomez.

Today, the Pirates will be playing at Gunderson High School, whose current league record is 1-3.


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