By Leiana Baclig

The Varsity Softball team hit off this season with strength, confidence and excitement.
“(Our season) looks really promising. Each girl takes pride in the hard work she puts in, and it’s really shown in practice and our last 2 scrimmages,” explained Center Fielder and Second Baseman Aleah Gutierrez.

The team’s biggest struggle is communication. This year’s team is filled with new faces, so the girls are learning how to work together as a team and using their voices to be loud on the field.

The team’s biggest strengths are their worth ethic that each individual player has and their positivity throughout the games and practices. The team has no slackers and the players work hard to do their best to achieve all their individual and team goals.

“I see them playing for each other not just themselves, they seem to get along very well which is very important to our success,” commented Coach Randy Nishikawa.

During practice, the players focus on certain areas to foster in.

“(We practice on) all the basic fundamentals whether it be fielding or hitting and making sure we get a lot of reps in,” mentioned Right Fielder Destine Lamonia.

“Then (we have) 5-10 minute randimals where we put the most work in,” indicated Outfielder Olivia Torres.

The girls maintain their skills set by constantly practicing everyday and taking advice from their coaches. According to Lamonia, they are open to improvement in any areas.
With all the hard work and dedication, the team is striving to compete in CCS (Central Coast Section).

“Our motivation is to be able to say we were League Champions two years in a row. I know several of us also want another shot in CCS. I personally am also motivated by the fact that I want a college scholarship to continue playing the sport I love after high school,” revealed Gutierrez. “When game days come around, it’s a great time to show off what my team and I can accomplish.”

The team’s record is 2-3.


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