By Syed Rahim

Coming off of a second seed placement at the end of last season, the Piedmont Hills Golf team practices as it looks forward to a new year. With a fresh squad guided by experienced veterans, the Pirates squad plans to train hard to beat their competition.

Last year, the Piedmont Hills Golf team ended the season with a 9-3 record, coming in at second place in the Santa Teresa division.

Last year, we were really good,” remembers sophomore Stephanie Lee. “We beat every single team except for Santa Teresa, which was our last team.”

This season, the team looks forward to training a better team and scoring a better record. Veterans of the team recall the process of training new members and practicing together last year.

Our coaches really taught us how to play the game and understand as a team who we are,” comments senior Jasmit Mahajan. “We learned strengths and weaknesses throughout the year and practiced as a team so that we got better and understood other people’s strengths and weaknesses.”

In this new season, playing against B-league newcomers Branham High School, the team will have to work even harder to secure another impressive record. The team also hopes to make it to CCS (Central Coast Competition), where they will be playing against teams from leagues all over Central California.

“Personally, as a girl player, I want to give girls recognition for playing since I play on the boys team. I want girls to see “oh she can play golf, I can play golf too.” says Stephanie.

All things considered, the Pirates’ Golf team is confident in its ability to win. The veterans are looking for a chance to go deep in the playoffs, and the newcomers are looking to prove their spot on the Pirate squad.


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