By Vivian Lin

The track and field season officially started practice on February 20th. Every day for about two hours after seventh period, the athletes go to the school track to run, sprint, jump, and more.

“A typical practice usually starts with warm ups that basically get your heart pumping, and the coaches are really strict about us wearing our sweats during this so that we actually get warm,” explains junior Bryce Smith, who runs sprints.

The workouts vary depending on what event the particular athlete participates in. For example, a distance runner might do mile repeats with a few breaks in between, while shorter distance runners might do sprints.

Track and field is a physically taxing sport that requires athletes to look after themselves before and after practice. The athletes often use ice to put on sore muscles and use foam rollers to massage their muscles after practice.

“Before practice, I drink a lot of water and make sure I’m eating the right foods and after practice, I make sure I stretch,” remarks sophomore Gloria Qiu, a distance runner.

The team’s first meet was at Sobrato High School on Thurs., March 9. Several members were missing due to the music department trip to Disneyland, resulting in free points for the opposing school, but the meet went smoothly overall.

“For me, the hardest thing about sprinting this year is getting used to the more explosive speed that you have to hold during the event,” admits senior Brandon Nguyen, who ran distance last year.

In the end, Piedmont Hills came out on the top with a strong win.

“Even though most of the events are individual, except the relays, the scores are tallied up as a team, and we are more of an extended family than a team,” says Bryce.


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